Mods for Games

After a while, even the most complex and well thought out games can become stale and their mechanics boring. Fortunately for you, my dear reader, there is a solution. Imagine if people on the internet added to there copy of a game to add mechanics or make it more interesting, and would also be willing to give that modified code to you for absolutely no cost! I am referring to, of course, mods. A good mod can totally revolutionize a game and make it playable for hundreds of more hours. For example, I was tired of exploring the bleak empty space and harsh orbital mechanics of Kerbal Space Program and wished I could populate other planets beyond landing a large spacecraft with solar panels and calling it a day. When I looked online for a mod, I was pleasantly surprised to find Modular Kolonization┬áSystem, an incredible mod that introduces interstellar colonization. Hire biologists, engineers, and many others, keep them sustained with proper resources and eventually work your way up to planetary resource production. Great mods like this exist wherever there are great games and a community around them. Not only do they keep their games fun, but they also introduce new, educational elements that there base games to not have. They fill niches of imperfection and create a more complete picture of whatever a game is trying to represent. I urge you to look into mods for that one game that you don’t play much anymore because it is boring or broken. Keep the experience of playing fun and introduce countless new accepts to the games you love.