We have made a list of the most common questions soon to-be ELF students ask us.

Are the games fun?

Yep, ELF is generally using popular commercial games. These games have to be fun, or people don't buy them. They are, however, generally more complicated than your average smartphone timewaster.

Is the lecture boring?

There is no lecture... and BTW you can do the ELF lessons whenever you want. Midnight? Fine. Lunch? Fine, Between classes? Fine. Just finish by the end of the quarter.

I hear their are tests

Yes. And if you spend more than 5 minutes on them you are doing something wrong. The quizzes are past/fail.

How does the Classroom work?

ELF uses Google Classroom. You may be familiar with it from school. A G-Mail account simplifies things (like storing stuff on your Google Drive)

Can I try it?

You can try the game to confirm it's fun (and it works with your hardware) … .the games are listed in the classes sections.

Ranks and Leveling

You will be leveled based on your achievements:
(a) ELF ranks you on your depth of accomplishment in a particular topic area (b) ELF ranks you on your breath of accomplishment across multiple topics