Today in ELF 120-Democracy, we will see what happens when we try and increase spending and taxes, much like a socialism.  In the game as well as in real life, the most expensive programs will be Welfare and Public Services. In our game, our debt will run wild towards the end.  We will be playing only one game.


  1. Play as USA
  2. Throughout this entire game, notice how easy it is to implement Welfare and Public Services policies vs how hard it is to revoke them
  3. Take a look at the finances of the US. how much debt do we have, where is our expenditure coming from, what % of our income in Government borrowing
  4. Also notice how much each policy costs
  5. Let’s start with State Housing to max
  6. Let’s raise taxes to 60% Income Tax
  7. State Schools and Health Service to max
  8. You may have noticed that that all have either 12 or 16 turn implementation delays, almost the entire game, so we will not feel the effect of them until much later
  9. Pro-Union Labor Laws and Work Safety Law max
  10. Pollution Controls to max
  11. Reshuffle Cabinet
  12. Science Funding  to max
  13. Child Benefits to max
  14. Public Libraries and University Grants
  15. School Vouchers to max
  16. Childcare Provision to max
  17. Free bus passes to max
  18. Foreign Aid to max
  19. Food standards agencies to max
  20. Clean energy subsidies to max
  21. Health food subsidies to max
  22. Disabilities Benefits to max
  23. Disability Benefit, Rent Controls, and Winter Fuel Subsidy to max
  24. State Pensions max
  25. Unemployment Benefits to max
  26. Recycling to max
  27. Adult Education Subsidies, Free Eye Tests, Free School Meals, Youth Club Subsidies Arts Subsidies, Healthcare Vouchers.  Spend, Spend, Spend!
  28. Agriculture Subsidies, Maternity leave
  29. Check out our finances again
  30. Married Tax Allowance, lets win some votes
  31. Organic Farming Subsidies
  32. Junk Food Tax
  33. You may have noticed that around now the stellar education system we invested in is starting to pay off, giving us things like the High Productivity situation
  34. Speaking of economics, do a last check  on where our nation stands
  35. Election time
  36. Unsurprisingly, you probably easily won
  37. Look at the breakdown.  You will find that even people from the middle income voted for you.  Why? Because voters are part of many different groups, not just one.



Today we played a game in which we set up a socialism and essentially gave people tons of free stuff.  Because we paid for everything, we achieved incredible things; great health and education, we lifted the poor out of poverty and received tons of approval.  The only problem is that we did it by raising taxes so high everybody leaves, and accumulating huge debt. ½ of our ‘income’ came from borrowed money! Now imagine trying to reverse our debt.  We cannot raise taxes, or else more people will leave. So we would just have to reverse our current programs, and as you saw, it is almost always easier to approve programs than it is to cancel them.   This is the predicament facing many of today’s politicians. They are smart. They will spend money that isn’t theirs for victories, adding to the mess that is debt, because cleaning it up is difficult,  if not impossible


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