In this session of ELF 120-Democracy, we are going to do a game in which we try and please everyone, without dedicating ourselves to making a long-term change in our country. We will be reactive, and accommodating… and the squeaky wheel will get the oil.  We will try and increase the Everybody group, mostly by ending crime.


  1. End Tobacco Tax
  2. Increase Police, Armed Police, Intelligence Services, Community Policing
  3. Enstate Internet Censorship to max
  4. Pollution Controls to max
  5. Since all these policy are making the liberals hate us lets pass the Race Discrimination Act and increase Jury Trial, Legal Aid, Private Prisons and Foreign Aid to max
  6. To get the youth on our side, lets pass University Grants to max
  7. To get the Unionists, lets increase Labor laws to max. Also, pass Work Safety Law to max
  8. To keep the Self-Employed happy, increase Small Business Grants to max
  9. Raise taxes to cover for the growing deficit.
  10. To fix the rapidly deteriorating health of our nation, raise state health services to max
  11. Pass Recycling to max
  12. As you may be seeing, our system is falling apart.  We are just dealing with the effect that our previous policies cause. Everything we do has an equal and opposite reaction.  As is, we are just juggling a finite amount of approval between groups in a zero-sum game.
  13. Feel free to struggle through the rest of the game


Democracy is a balancing act.  If you simply shift approval, you can be sure that you aren’t getting reelected.  However, if a leader can bring a real, positive change to his country(mostly simulated by situations), the total amount of approval he has to work with goes up.  Every policy you enact has an equal negative pushback, but ending a bad situation does not.


Zero Sum Game