Welcome to ELF 120-Democracy.  This page contains information about ELF 120-Democracy and outlines the structure of the course.  It also contains the content for the course and the first steps to getting started.

ELF 120-Democracy uses the game Democracy as its main teaching tool.  Democracy 3 is a government simulation game in which players take on the mantle of a political leader and face the difficulties and hardships of running a country.


The structure of the course looks something like this:

  • Players purchase and download the game.
  • Players complete the tutorials.
  • Players are through guided directed play that illustrates important concepts in democracy.

The formula for any given session looks like this:

  1. Players progress through directed play.
  2. Players watch a collateral video to tie what players have learned back to real life.

First steps/prerequisites

  • Install Steam and create a Steam account.  If you don't like Steam, then feel free to independently acquire Democracy 3.
  • Buy and install Democracy 3.