ELF110-Space  Wk9 Part C

About 1 hr

In our final lesson we will send a probe to orbit around Duna


From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Resume Saved
  2. Quicksave your game blah blah blah
  3. Launch your Ion Probe
  4. Open your solar panels and antenna before you lose control
  5. Get into orbit
  6. Escape Kerbin’s SOI
  7. If you want, you can do a gravitational slingshot around the Mun to escape.
  8. Once you have escaped Kerbin’s SOI, do some scienceing and Email.
  9. Plot a course for Duna, set it as target if you have trouble
  10. Get to Duna
  11. Science and Email
  12. Get into orbit
  13. Scan
  14. Set colors to only most ore rich environment
  15. If you have extra time go to Ike, Duna’s Moon
  16. You have successfully completed Elf 110 SPACE