ELF110-Space  Wk9 Part A

About 1 hr

We are going to Duna!  In this lesson we will be building and launching a Ion drive probe to scan Duna for ore and send back some science

From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Resume Saved
  2. Quicksave your game blah blah blah
  3. Enter VAB
  1. We are building an ion-drive probe, so it will be powered by xenon and a ton of electricity
  3. Read the stats for the ion drive
  4. Your probe needs to be able to get to Duna and do a surface scan and small experiments(bring 4 Goo containers).  To control it you will need to deploy your antenna before you exit range.
  5. Your first stage should get you in orbit
  6. For solar power, 1 gigantor can power 3 engines
  7. You will need more than one engine.  The Not-Rockomax-micronode is ideal.
  8. Here is a ion probe with 25 engines
  9. Build
  10. Test
  11. If you have extra time, start your flight
  12. Go away