ELF110-Space  Wk8 Part B

About 1 hr

This time we are going to build a rover to land on Minmus and collect biome science.   On the same ship will be some empty fuel containers

From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Resume Saved
  2. Quicksave your game blah blah blah
  3. We are building the rover first.  It just needs all science experiments, RCS, and an ESU
  4. Here is a tutorial on how to build a pretty good one    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT19sqAcS4A
  5. You also need to get a storage tanker up into high Minmus orbit.  It should have a total of 5 empty 7200 Kerobyne fuel tanks, a poodle, a drone core, and power
  6. This is what my rocket looked like
  7. After you have built and tested your rocket, your done:)