ELF110-Space  Wk6 Part A

About 1 hr

With our new space station/fuel depot, we can reach farther than ever before.  But to use the space station, we need to know how to dock to it. We are going to use the fuel depot to get us to the Mun and maximize science while where there


From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Training
  2. Docking
  3. The docking tutorial is tough, I have a lot of tips


  1. The first steps should be relatively easy. With your new knowledge of maneuver nodes, it should be fairly easy complete a normal/antinormal burn and to create an intersecting orbit.  The real trick is to get the orange/pink markers right next to each other
  2. With so many green pop up indicators, you can make it easier on yourself and leave some up.  Simply right click when a indicator appears
  3. Remember that you’re stranded vessel is not on a circular orbit, and make sure you don’t overshoot to much. Move the maneuver node around until you have the markers within 5k of each other.
  4. Execute the burn
  5. To switch to target mode, click on the box above the NavBall that shows speed until it says “Target”
  6. The retrograde burn is easy, just burn as your speed relative to the target drops.
  7. As you get closer to the target, I suggest you use RCS and docking mode (bottom left corner).
  8. Remember that every time you move, you will have to stop your movement
  9.  After you get with about 500 meters, flip your ship upside down(face 180 and 0 degrees) and make sure you are above the stranded ship.
  10. Slowly drift above the stranded craft
  11. Brake
  12. Make sure both docking ports are open
  13. Nudge yourself forward
  15. Thnk; was that easy or very, very hard.  You may not even want to use docking until you absolutely have to.  On one hand, if you dock on the way to the Mun, you can pick up extra fuel and extend your flight, and if you build a orbiter/lander with a ton of extra fuel, you can land, make a couple short hops, then return to the spaceship, have a scientist fix all your experiments, then do it again.  If you dock on the way back, you can put all your new experiments in the lab for processing AND your vehicle doesn’t need to be able to survive reentry.One the other hand, it’s super hard