ELF110-Space  Wk5 Part C

About 1 hr

Now that we have landed both on the Mun and Minmus, we need to fully explore them both.  We will be building a space station, to act as a mothership to the whatever you send down.

From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Resume Saved
  2. Load Game “Wk5PartB”   This is our game from Part A.
  3. Hit Esc and Save game as “Wk5PartC”
  4. Enter R&D
  5. Research; Advanced Electrics, Specialized Construction, Space Exploration, Advanced Exploration, Electronics, Propulsion Systems, Miniaturization, Precision Engineering, and Unmanned Tech, and Heavier Rocketry
  6. If you have any extra science, research Presion Propulsion
  7. Feel free to take a couple minutes to go through your new suite of tech
  8. We will build a space station that will act as our space center away from space center
  1. The station should launch with 2 scientists, a pilot, an engineer, and should have room for a couple more kerbals.
  2. It should have a mobile processing lab, a communications device,  all experiments, including the new accelerometer
  3. It should also be able to get into high kerbin orbit with 2 large and 1 medium fuel tank, with a Poodle engine
  4. If you need some help, this is a working basic layout

  1. Remember you need to add solar panels, batteries, ladders, and docking ports
  2. You may want to attach both kinds of docking ports, just in case
  3. Also add 2 relay antenna(if any antenna doesn’t have range to send back to Kerbin, they will send to you and you will send to Kerbin
  4. We will also need to manually send back science, so attach 2 small, unmanned lightweight probes that will bring your experiments back. They might look like this.
  5. A working finished station looks like this
  6. Of course, we will need to get it into orbit.  With your new tech, this should be no problem.  The Tri-Coupler is a very useful tool for adding a lot of kickbacks to the bottom of your rocket
  7. A finished rocket
  1. Once you are in low Kerbin orbit, transfer both your scientist to the mobile lab and press Start Researching
  2. Do all your experiments, and you will see a new icon, putting them in the lab, do that one
  3. Restore your science kit and do that experiment again, this time putting it in an ESU
  4. Raise your apogee to more than 750,000 meters, but preferably in goeschyncounus orbit
  5. Do all the experiments again, transferring  them to the lab
  6. Warp super fast and watch your science stack up
  7. Once you have 500 science, then you need to send it back home, so click on the lab and do just that. Try and do it in direct sunlight so your solar panels keep you from running out of power
  8. Harvest the rest of the science and send it back
  9. Don’t bother with the last 20 data.The less data there is, the harder it is to get
  10. You’ve been playing for a pretty long time.  Go away.