ELF110-Space  Wk3 Part A

About 1 hr

        This week we will be going to another Moon, Minmus(I bet you didn’t realize Kerbin has 2 moons).  You have now landed on the Mun twice and are ready to have some fun building your own lander.  Feel free to use the pictured design but also don’t hesitate to do some of your own engineering.

From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Resume Saved
  2. Load Game “Wk4PartC.”   This is our game from Part A.
  3. Hit Esc and Save game as “Wk5PartA”
  4. Enter R&D
  5. Research Command modules, Landing, Advanced construction, Specialized control
  6. Enter the VAB
  7. Build a 2 person lander(scientist and pilot) to land on Minmus, do ALL experiments(Even the giant one) make 2 hops to other biomes, do them again, and return to Kerbin
  8. When building, think about your strengths and weaknesses as a pilot
  1. Here’s a picture of one for inspiration or direct coping
  2. Here’s a close up
  3. Once you have built your lander, build a rocket to get you to Minmus
  1. Piloting
  2. Hopefully you have more control with the advanced fins
  3. Launching and immediately pitching down to 45 degrees will usually work pretty well with 8 Kickbacks
  4. You can pilot into orbit by now, right?
  5. Get into orbit
  6. Minmus is on a different orbital plane than ours, it is very tilted, and we need to correct that tilt
  7. Set Minmus as your target(right click)The lines you are seeing are the ascending and descending nodes. They are the points were your orbit and Minimus’s cross.
  8. Plot a normal or antinormal at the nearest node
  9. Execute the burn
  10. You’ve been playing for 45 minutes, go do something else