We are finally going to land on the Mun

From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Resume Saved
  2. Load Game “Wk3PartC.”
  3. Hit Esc and Save game as “Wk4PartC”
  4. Enter R&D
  5. Research General Construction, Flight Control, Electrics, Advanced Flight control and Fuel Systems
  6. We are going to build a Mun lander with our new tech        
  1. Start off with a command module with a parachute, 2 drouge chutes, a Experiment storage unit, all your experiments, a heat shield and decoupler
  2. Top stage is 1 T200 and 1 T400 fuel tanks with a Terrier.  
  3. Add 4 Z-100 battery packs and 4 basic fins.  Attach your Landing strut to the end of these finish
  4. Next stage is a Advanced Inline Stabilizer, a Rockomax Brand Adaptor, an Rockomax X200-32 and 16 fuel tank with a poodle engine
  5. Last stage add 8 Kickbacks with delta-deluxe and AV-R8 winglets
  6. Set the thrust limit on the Kickbacks to 85(right click), or you can live dangerously
  1. Piloting
  1. You will have enough control to do a proper gravity turn
  2. Your Kickback’s should get you most of the way into orbit
  3. If messed up your gravity turn and your apogee is ridiculus, them feel free to revert your flight.
  4. Once you are in orbit, plot and execute a maneuver to the Mun
  5. Warp to Your Mun perigee
  6. Burn retrograde until you are in orbit
  7. Lower your orbit to only a couple thousand meters find a nice, bright, smooth strip of land to land on.
  8. Burn retrograde until your are falling vertically
  9. If you still have your poodle, decouple
  10. Deploy your landing gear
  11. Don’t trust your altitude display, it is comparing you to the lowest spot on the Mun
  12. Your can tell your distance from the surface with your shadow, slow down as you get closer to the ground
  13. Use the debris from your ejected stage to judge your distance from the ground
  14. If it looks like you are going to land on a slope, don’t try and land
  15. Land at less than 5 m/s
  16. Complete a crew report, EVA, surface sample, experiments and plant a flag if you dare leave your ship
  17. To use your jetpack(yes, you have a jetpack), press RCS on the NavBall.  Sft/Crt to move up and down, and WASD to move around
  18. It would be a shame to leave the Mun with only half of our experiments done. Lets land in a different biome.
  19. Save your game as ”Mun Landing 1”
  20. Zoom out and find the biggest nearby crater and land on it. You land the exact the exact same way as you would regularly.
  21. If you fail, just load your save
  22. You should be in —land(probably Midland)  craters. If not, find a bigger crater
  23. Use your ESU and collect all the experiments to make space for your next round of EVA’s, surface samples and crew reports
  24. Do all your experiments and transfer them to the ESU
  25. Launch into orbit around the Mun
  26. Circularize your orbit
  27. Plot a maneuver node that will put you in Kerbin orbit with a perigee below 32,000 meters
  28. Warp to just before reentry
  29. Decouple and face retrograde
  30. Cross your fingers
  31.  If you die, just load again
  32. You should have earned around 600 science