ELF110-Space  Wk3 Part C

About 1 hr


In Wk3 Part C we will be doing a Mun flyby.We will use our previous orbiter and enter an orbit around the Mun then return to Kerbin with an aerobrake.  


From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Resume Saved
  2. Load Game “Wk3PartA.”   This is our game from Part A.
  3. Hit Esc and Save game as “Wk3PartC”
  4. Enter R&D and research Heavy Rocketry
  5. Load Orbiter Veggy
    1. Add a Experiment Storage Unit between the parachute and command pod
    2. Have a scientist pilot your spacecraft. To change your crew, click the “Crew” button in the upper left corner.
    3. Attach 2 Drogue parachutes
  6. Piloting into orbit   It’s mostly the same as last time
    1. Before you launch, make sure that SAS is on
    2. Check the bottom of the NavBall, to make sure you are facing 90 degrees.  HGD should be 90 and the 90 on the NavBall should be down.
    3. You need to be facing 90 degrees because we are launching East, so we can build on the speed of Kerbals rotation.(it is much easier to pitch than yaw)
    4. Launch
    5. Don’t even try to control the Thumpers as they burn out
    6. After you ditch the Thumpers make sure that your heading is still 90 and roll to
    7. Burn at high throttle  until you are out of fuel
    8. Pitch down to 10 and activate the Hammers
    9. You are experienced enough to know how to finish this orbit
    10. Add a maneuver that will put you on course for a Mun flyby
    11. Execute the maneuver
    12. Warp until you have entered the Mun SOI.
    13. Warp to Perigee
    14. Burn retrograde until you are in an orbit with an perigee below 10,000 meters and apogee above 15,000 meters
    15. At apogee, do your EVA report, crew report, and science kit Jr. You should be in space high over the Mun
    16. Right click your experiment storage unit and press collect all
    17. Do an EVA, right click the science kit, and press Restore, (This requires a scientist)
    18. Return to your ship and finish your experiments
    19. Warp to perigee
    20. Complete your experiments again
    21. You may want to transfer all your experiments, they will be safer in the ESU
    22. Pilot into orbit(super easy)
    23. Warp to apogee
    24. Burn prograde until your apogee and perigee are almost the same
    25. Since you don’t have a pilot you are going to have to eyeball your return
    26. Warp to the point where you are between the Mun and Kerbin
    27. Burn until you are set to escape the Mun
    28. Warp to the Mun escape
    29. Return by lowering your periapsis to around 20,000 meters, decouple your last stage, face retrograde, and wait until you can deploy your drogue chute
    30. If all goes well, you should have collected around 400 science