ELF110-Space  Wk2 Part C

About 1 hr


In ELF110 Wk2 Part C we will continue our game and accumulating science with a Polar orbit.  Specifically, we will be doing EVA’s over many biomes A Polar orbit is more fuel intensive than the Easterly Equatorial orbit, because you do not start out with the speed of the Kerbal’s rotation.  We will also research more tech to help transmit science


From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Resume Saved
  2. Load Game “Wk2PartB.”   This is our game from Part A.
  3. Hit Esc and Save game as “Wk2PartC”
  4. Enter R&D
  5. Research Basic Science
  6. If you need a couple more science to get the tech, ‘launch’ your orbiter, but instead of doing a flight, do an EVA, surface sample, crew report, and science experiments, then collect your orbiter
  7. Load the Orbiter 1
  8. Rename it Polar Orbiter
  9. Strip it of scientific equipment
  10. Add 2 communotron 16s and 6 battery packs on the top stage of the rocket, you will be transmitting lots of data and can’t block the hatch, we will EVA
  11. Pick up the command pod and press E to turn it back to its original position
  12. Piloting into orbit   (read this before actually launching…..or [insert meme]
    1. Before you launch, make sure that SAS is on
    2. Check the bottom of the NavBall, to make sure you are facing 0 degrees.  HGD should be 0 and red line on the NavBall should below you
    3. Don’t even try to control the Thumpers as they burn out
    4. After you ditch the Thumpers make sure that your heading is still 0 and roll to make any adjustments
    5. Pitch down to 0 degrees
    6. Burn at 100% until you are in orbit
    7. If your apogee get above 90,000, wait until you are at apogee the continue to burn
    8. Throttle down and carefully burn until your periapsis is 75,000
    9. It is VERY easy to adjust your orbit, a couple seconds of low burn will bring your pedigree up a thousand meters
    10. Cut your engines, you will need your extra fuel for reentry
  13. We will now get some science
    1. You have already done a crew report, so we will be focusing on doing EVA’s over as many biomes as possible and transmitting them
    2. As you fly, do an EVA and an EVA report every time it looks like you have entered a new biome, and transmit the data
    3. DO NOT transmit reports that you have already done
    4. Feel free to warp through larger Biomes
    5. You should collect 8 science from most of these biomes:
    6. Water (you may already have this)
    7. Grassland  (you may already have this)
    8. Shores (you may already have this)
    9. Highlands  (looks like mountains)
    10. Tundra  (Looks like grassland, but near the poles)
    11. Ice Caps (grey-white color)
    12. Northern Ice Shelf  (North Pole)
    13. Southern Ice shelf  (South Pole)
    14. Dessert   (near equator, might not get it)
    15. To transmit, right click on an antenna and click transmit
    16. Once you have most of these, feel free to send send some twice, but keep an eye on your power(check it by hovering over the oil jug in the top right corner), if you run out, you will lose control of your ship
    17. Warp to apogee
    18. Since we desperately need science, try and land on the poles, then do an EVA, surface sample, and crew report
    19. Recover your ship
    20. You should have collected around 80  science


Go to R&D, at this point you should have enough science to Research part for the Mun.   That’s fortunate, because we are getting near the limit of what we can accomplish with the current parts.


At this point you’ve been playing for about 45 minutes.   Go get some exercise.