ELF110-Space  Wk2 Part B

About 1 hr


In ELF110 Wk2 Part B we will continue our game, accumulate science, get into orbit, and do some orbital maneuvering.  This gravity turn will be much steeper and very inefficient compared to the tutorial due to our crude tech


From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Resume Saved
  2. Load Game “Wk2PartA.”   This is our game from Part A.
  3. Hit Esc and Save game as “Wk2PartB”
  4. Let’s build an orbiter!  (Here is one)
    1. Add a command module
    2. Press the Q button when holding the command module to rotate so it is facing 90’
    3. Add your experiments .  Attach them symmetrically. Don’t forget the parachute, heat shield and decoupler
    4. Top stage 2 T200s fuel tanks, and a your new engine, the Rellant
    5. Bottom stage is 2 T400s and a T200 with a Swivel engine
    6. Add 4 Thumpers with winglets, radial decouplers, and nose cones.  Add them towards the bottom of the ship to help with stability
    7. Call it Orbiter1
  5. Piloting into orbit   (read this before actually launching…..or [insert meme]
    1. Before you launch, make sure that SAS is on
    2. Check the bottom of the NavBall, to make sure you are facing 90 degrees.  HGD should be 90 and the 90 on the NavBall should be down.
    3. You need to be facing 90 degrees because we are launching East, so we can build on the speed of Kerbals rotation.(it is much easier to pitch than yaw)
    4. Launch
    5. Don’t even try to control the Thumpers as they burn out
    6. Check Map View between maneuvers and try to make sure that your apogee stays below 100,000 meters
    7. After you ditch the Thumpers make sure that your heading is still 90 and roll to make any adjustments
    8. Pitch down to around 0 degrees
    9. Wait until you escape the atmosphere to activate your next stages, t

If your camera suddenly turns sideways, you have reached orbit and should cut fuel and check the map.  Make sure that your periapsis doesn’t dip into the atmosphere

    1. It is VERY easy to adjust your orbit, a couple seconds of low burn will bring your pedigree up a thousand meters
    2. Cut your engines, you will need your extra fuel for reentry
    3. Complete science experiments, crew report and EVA.  Keep your experiments, transmitting them will just waste power and science
    4. Warp to periapsis by clicking the periapsis icon and press ‘Warp Here’
    5. Using SAS, face retrograde and burn at full throttle and and recover your ship
    6. You should have collected around 40 science


Go to R&D, at this point you should have enough science to Research part for the Mun.   That’s fortunate, because we are getting near the limit of what we can accomplish with the current parts.


At this point you’ve been playing for about 45 minutes.   Go get some exercise.