ELF110-Space  Wk2 Part A

About 1 hr


In ELF110 Wk2 Part A we will start an actual game, and begin accumulating science.   In Science mode, the Science unlocks additional vehicle parts.


From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Start New
  2. Set Game Mode to “Science”  Difficulty Normal
  3. Save game as “Wk2PartA”
  4. Got to the R&D Building, you should have zero science, and cannot research anything new… like basic rocketry
  5. Our first step is to build a basic Hopper-type vehicle,
    1. Add a pair of Mystery Goo science experiments, check your staging
    2. Fly (straight up, perhaps with the SAS), take a crew report and observe the Goo at max altitude, over land, recover the vehicle and collect the science. Always do the experiments with both  of your pieces of scientific equipment so you can get a little extra science
    3. Conduct a second flight, this time begin a turn, ideally over the water,  take a Goo observation, crew report, land, recover the vehicle and collect the science
    4. Note you get some additional science for flying over the water or a different biome.
    5. The Hopper can only get to the lower atmosphere, but you should get enough science to research some additional parts
    6. In the R&D building check the Archive to see the log of the Science you have collected.
    7. This should take about 20 minutes

At this point you should have about 20 science, enough to research Engineering 101 and Basic Rocketry.   Do that, and head back to the VAB:

  1. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Science
  2. Since we have completed our R&D, we now have access to an additional science generating experiment and the 2HOT Thermometer and a communication a
    1. Load your Hopper, add thermometer experiment,
    2. Launch, straight up, capture the science experiments and a crew report during the flight, near max altitude.
    3. Transmit the crew report.
    4. Recover your vehicle, you should collect another 10+ science from the Experiments added to the Hopper.   The science value of repeating experiments in low orbit is going falling with each flight.

You can collect science by doing experiments in 4 locations. Low & High in the atmosphere, and Low & High in space.  Each of these can be collected over whatever biome is below. We have already harvested the low-in-the atmosphere science.

We need to go higher to collect additional science.   

  1. Build a new vehicle, with a decoupler, 6 fuel tanks and a swivel
  2. Do not forget the experiments and and transmitter
  3. Launch straight up.  We are aiming to capture science in the upper atmosphere.   Use the throttle
  4. Execute the science experiment and a crew report
  5. You should capture about 20 science
  6. Repeat this flight, only going all the way to space (over 70,000 meters).
  7. Do a crew member EVA
  8. Repeat this flight, only going all the way to space (over 70,000 meters).
  9. You may want to use your extra fuel to slow your descent… you have no heat shield.  Or you may want to live dangerously.


Go to R&D, at this point you should have enough science to Research the next tier of technology.   That’s fortunate, because we are getting near the limit of what we can accomplish with the current parts.


At this point you’ve been playing for about 45 minutes.   Go get some exercise.