ELF110-Space  Wk1 Part C

About 1 hr


In ELF110 Wk1 Part C we will head back to the  the tutorial and and explore the next big step in the Kerbal Space Program…. Orbit.   


From the KSP Main Menu click:

  1. Start Game
  2. Training
  3. Do the “Advanced  Construction” tutorial  (20 minutes)
    1. Very hard to get the fins on hold down left shift the reduce the snap-fit angle from 15 to 5 degrees.   This makes it easier.
    2. When setting the Abort action group here is a tip” To click on the radial decouplers, you will need to hold down the right mouse button and manipulate the view of the rocket until the couplers are in view.


We now know how to build an orbit-capable vehicle.   Let’s fly.


  1. Start New
  2. Training
  3. Go For Orbit – should take about 20 minutes
    1. Do the optional retrograde burn and reentry.   You’ll want to do a maximum retrograde burn to fuel exhaustion.  Don not worry about where you will land.
    2. Left Click on a forward portion of your orbit and press “Warp Here”  otherwise it will take a long time to get back into the atmosphere.
  4. After you have landed, click “end scenario”


Next, we will do some maneuvering within orbit. Raising and lowering Ap and Pe, circularizing the orbit, and a normal burn.

  1. Start New
  2. Training
  3. “Orbiting 101” – should take about 10 minutes
    1. Enjoy  the painful exercise in maintaining attitude in space
  4. click “end scenario”


Finally, a little bit about how science and the technology tree work in KSP.


  1. Start New
  2. Training
  3. “Science Basics” – should take about 5 minutes


That’s it for this session.   You’ve been sitting for about 45 minutes.   Go get some exercise.