Wk8 Part B – Fall of Rome – Late Game

Continue with Fall of Rome per the Set-Up and Play guide

ELF 100 Wk 8 Part B

About 1 Hr


We continue with the “Fall of Rome Scenario”   


Here is the Game Set-up:


From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Your saved Game should be at the Top (click on it)

Load Game


  1. Are you back on the attack? Against the Celts?   Franks?  


  1. Does it make sense to build roads up to and into the combat line?  This will allow fresh units in fast, and damaged units get a fast retreat to heal in safety (saving the experience).


  1. Play from turn 25 to-go to 20 to-go.   Save your game.  


  1. What would you do differently if you played again?


  1. SAVE YOUR GAME. We will continue with your Save in the next segment.  Go get some exercise.


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