Wk 1 Part C – Play Civ5; focus on Production instead of Agriculture. Record results on ELF 100 Data Sheet. Watch the Crash Course video on Indus Valley Civilization (not quite India, but close)

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Watch the video. Set up and play a Civ5 game as described in Set Up and Play Wk1 Pt BCdocument below. Record your results at year 240BC (Turn 69) on the ELF 100 Data Sheet. We will use this sheet to compare and contrasts differences in civilizations. SET A TIMER… IT IS VERY EASY TO CONTINUE PAST OUR STOP POINT AT 240BC. Take the quiz.

ELF 100 Wk1 Part C

About 1 hr

For Wk1 and C we are going to continue exploring the importance of Agriculture, and the consequences of investing in the generation of food.    In Part C we are going to MINIMIZE our investment in Agriculture and food production .  We will be playing as Gandhi – India.  It should take about an hour.

Game Setup:

From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Make sure “Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (v.22) is checked (if not subscribe via Steam, it is free)




Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (the picture in the right panel changed to an old-fashioned map)

Load Mod (this may take a moment)

On the Advanced Setup Screen:

Click “1. Random Civilization” and change to Gandhi-India

Delete the other Random Civilizations until only 10 remain.  This speeds gameplay.

Set City-States to 10.  (this also speeds gameplay)

Set Map Type to “Large Earth”

Set Difficulty Level to Chieftan

Set Game Pace to Quick

Set Game Era to Ancient Era

Set CS Placement to Only TSL

Ser CS Separation to Close

Set Resources to Standard

For Victory types, all should be checked

Under  Advanced Game Options Check :

“Use true geographic resources placement”


Double check your set-up and hit Start Game:

You should get a background screen on Gandhi while the game loads.

  1. You should begin next to a river (what river is it?)  Build your first city Delhi immediately.  (Did you start in the same place?   This is why we are using the MOD maps, they give us True Start Locations for each historical Civilization)
  1. For Production – Anything but Granary, Settler and Water Mill.  (you can build a worker, but they will not be building farms)
  1. Click on Delhi to open the city view.  In the upper right hit the “+” next to Citizen Management. Check “Production Focus” this tells your citizens to focus on producing things instead of food.
  1. For Technology Develop Pottery last (or not at all).  
  1. For Social Policy, focus on developing the “Tradition” Policy Tree, all the way to Monarchy.
  1. Explore with your warrior, but defend against Barbarians.  

STOP AT 240 BC Turn 69, write down the Key Performance Indicators for your civilization in ELF 100 Data Sheet.  (you can just write over what is already there).   We will compare it to the Maximum  agriculture scenario you played in Wk1 Part B.

Save your game, you may want it later.

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