Wk5 Part C – Fall of Rome

Continue with the “Fall of Rome” scenario, per the Set-Up and play, watch the Crash Course Video on Rome (before the fall) and take the quiz.

ELF 100 Wk5 Part C

About 1 Hr

For  Part C we continue with the “Fall of Rome Scenario”  

Here is the Game Set-up:

From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Your saved Game should be at the Top (click on it)

Load Game

  1. Did you  loose Corallium and Gesoriacun to the Celts?  You are doing very well if you stop the Celts at Lutetia (modern Paris, France).   
  1. Did you lose Trier (the modern city of …. Trier) to the Franks?   Both the Celts and Franks must be stopped before at Lugdunum (modern Lyon, France).   Is Lugdunum safe?
  1. Did Casta Regina fall?
  1. Do you hold Gades (Cadiz, Spain, one of the  oldest cities in Western Europe) and Rusadir against the Vandals?
  1. Did you hold on to Carnuntum?  
  1. At this point you probably have 3 strategic choices based on the results of the first few turns:
  1. If the early-game did not go well, you probably have no choice but to continue retreating until you can get to a defensible point to stop the advance
  2. If thinks went “well” for(1-5 above) and you have stopped the barbarian advance, you can focus on bolstering your defenses, and building more units.  The barbarian attacks will continue. Defense first, but ultimately you will want to take back lost cities.
  3. If the early game went much better than expected you can consider incursion into the barbarian lands, pillaging and razing captured cities.  You can also consider building city and terrain improvements to further strengthen your empire.
  1. Play from turn 65 to-go to 60 to-go.   Save your game. Consider your strategy based on the situation.
  1. Do not worry if things aren’t going well.  “Rise of Rome” scenario starts on the defense.  It will not affect what you get out of this play.   
  1. What would you do differently if you played again?
  1. SAVE YOUR GAME. We will continue with your Save in the next segment.  Go get some exercise.

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