Wk6 Part B – the AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Continue “Fall of Rome” per the Set-Up. Look at the link on the guts of the Civ AI, then watch the Crash Course Video, and take the quiz

ELF 100 Wk 6 Part B

About 1 Hr

We continue with the “Fall of Rome Scenario”   

Here is the Game Set-up:

From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Your saved Game should be at the Top (click on it)

Load Game

  1. You have likely had to select a social policy that was bad for your Empire.  At some point you will have to select the policy that reduces the happiness from luxuries.   This can seriously hurt production, and the ability to continue military unit production.   Prepare for this event now by building happiness-producing city improvements where possible.
  1. What have you noticed about the behavior of the game AI (Artificial Intelligence) playing for the Barbarians?
    1. Does the AI move to attack units in Barbarian territory?   Does the AI move units away from your vulnerable spots to do this?
    2. Can you use an incursion to trick the AI into moving some units off their main attack to deal with your minor invasion?   Would this work to force Gaul to pull units off the Eastern Roman Empire?   Would a false invasion from Casta Regina trick the AI into pulling Frank units off the defense of Trier?
    3. These incursions might also be a great opportunity to Pillage, limiting the Barbarian’s ability to produce, and getting your units experience.  
    4. Is this kind of diversionary tactic used IRL?
  1. Play from turn 55 to-go to 50 to-go.   Save your game.  Consider your strategy based on the situation.
  1. What would you do differently if you played again?
  1. SAVE YOUR GAME. We will continue with your Save in the next segment.  Go get some exercise.

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