Wk5 Part A – Finish the Mongols

Finish per the Set-up and Play, Read what actually happened, and Take the Quiz

ELF 100 Wk5 Part A

About 1 Hr

For Wk5 Part A we are continuing to explore how Civilization 5 models actual historical events.  Win or lose we will finish the Mongol Empire scenario now.

Here is the Game Set-up:

From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Select your saved game.  It should be at the top, titled Genghis Khan…

  1. Our objective in the “Rise of the Mongols” is to replicate the historical conquests of the Mongol Empire in 100 Civilization 5 turns.    
  1. We left off with 25 turns remaining.  At this point you should be executing the strategy you chose (and perhaps experimented with) at 50 turns to go.  Did you go for Japan?  India? Or Persia.
  1. Do not worry if things aren’t going well.   It will not affect what you get out of this exercise.   Many ELFs have seen the “Defeated” screen
  1. What would you do differently if you played again?
  1. SAVE YOUR GAME you may want it later.

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