Wk4 Part C – Still more Mongols

Continue the Mongols Scenario, see the notes in “Set Up and Play” Watch the video. No Quiz

LF 100 Wk4 Part C

About 1 Hr

For Wk4 Part C we are continuing to explore how Civilization 5 models actual historical events.  We will continue with the creation of the Mongol Empire.

Here is the Game Set-up:

From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Select your saved game.  It should be at the top, titled Genghis Khan…

  1. Our objective in the “Rise of the Mongols” is to replicate the historical conquests of the Mongol Empire in 100 Civilization 5 turns.    
  1. We left off with 50 turns remaining. You should be finishing your conquest of the Jin, and now you have a difficult problem.    There are no more close civilizations to conquer, but you still need 2 more civilization conquests for victory..  Remaining choices are:
    1. Japan – to the East, and close for the Units that just conquered Jin.   However, you need to go thru Korea, and then launch a successful invasion over the Sea of Japan (which the Mongols actually attempted but failed).   Mongol sea technology is not great and there are few coastal cities for construction of naval units.
    2. India – to the South, is moderately far.  You’ll either need to go thru Dali, perhaps building long roads across rivers and jungle to speed an invasion across modern Bangladesh, or come thru the easily defended mountain passes (the Khyber Pass) from the North.
    3. Persia and others – The far West.   There is a road (the Silk Road), but it’s  very long, and you will need to secure cooperation of the City-States Almaty and Uighur along the way.   Non-mounted (horse) units may need 10 turns just to get there.
  1. In addition, you should have enough Keshik and Generals to possibly divide your force, across a) b) and c) above.   When people talk about “strategy,” this kind of decision is what they are talking about.  Tactics have to do with how you might move each individual unit when executing an attack.
  1. You are probably generating a lot of gold.  Building or annexing a city to the West  might be a good way to speed things up.    Simply buy the units in the city, saving the travel from Karakorum.
  1. Unlike the Mongols, you can SAVE GAME now, try a strategy, and fall back to your saved game if it does not work.
  1. Also how is your Happiness?   The Mongols need to keep happiness and production high to continue the conquests.  How is gold production?   Perhaps too many cities are bringing down happiness? And some cities should have been raized?
  1. How is city growth in your conquests? What are the city optimized for?   Are you building the improvements needed to keep your civilization happy and productive.
  1. With 25 turns left  STOP HERE.  Take a break…you’ve been playing for a while.  Go get some exercise.
  1. SAVE YOUR GAME, we will continue with this scenario in Wk5 Part A

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