Wk4 Part B – More Mongols

Continue “Rise of the Mongols” per the set-up, watch Crash Course – China, and take the Quiz

ELF 100 Wk4 Part B

About 1 Hr

For Wk4 Part B we are continuing to explore how Civilization 5 models actual historical events.  We will continue with the creation of the Mongol Empire.  

We are loading and continuing with the game we began in Part A:

From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Select your saved game.  It should be at the top, titled Genghis Khan…

  1. Our objective in the “Rise of the Mongols” is to replicate the historical conquests of the Mongol Empire in 100 Civilization  turns.    
  1. We left off with 75 turns remaining.  You are probably into the conquest of China.  The conquest rewards are huge; 1,000 gold and a free technology.   With 1,000 gold you can buy allot of additional units.
  1. Might the spoils of conquest have encouraged the Mongols to continue with additional attacks?
  1. Next we invade Zhangzong of the Jin (represented  in the game as Siam[Thailand]).  This is modern Eastern China.
  1. How is your Happiness?   The Mongols need to keep happiness and production high to continue the conquests.  How is gold production?   Perhaps too many cities are bringing down happiness? And some should have been raised?
  1. How is city growth in your conquests? What are the city optimized for?   Are you building the improvements needed to keep your civilization happy and productive.
  1. Around turn 40 or 50 you should be conquering the Jin  (1,000 gold, free techology, Great Leader).   Did you notice you can build more Keshik with each conquest?   IRL, many conquered civilizations joined the mongols adding to their strength.
  1. With 50 turns left  STOP HERE.  Take a break…you’ve been playing for a while.  Go get some exercise.
  1. SAVE YOUR GAME, we will continue with this scenario in Part C

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