Wk4 Part A, Rise of the Mongols

From week 4 on we will be playing Civilization in a different way. We will be paying historical scenarios for the remainder of the ELF100 Enrichment term. With Week 4 Part A we start “Rise of the Mongols” and recreating the rise of the Mongol Empire. Genghis Khan – saddle up!  Play “Rise of the Mongols” per the Set-Up, Watch Crash Course – The Mongols, and take the Quiz

ELF 100 Wk4 Part A

About 1 Hr

For Wk4 Part A we are going to explore how Civilization V models actual historical events.  We will start with the creation of the Mongol Empire with the “Rise of the Mongols” scenario.   The play will continue for the next few hours.   The creation of the Mongol Empire is an enormously important event in world history, as you will learn in the collateral videos.

Here is the Game Set-up:

From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Rise of the Mongols

Load Scenario



  1. Our objective in the “Rise of the Mongols” is to replicate the historical conquests of the Mongol Empire in 100 Civilization  turns.    
  1. You start with the City of Karakorum, the Mongol Capital.   Where are you on the world map?  Is this good terrain for building a Civilization?
  1. Speed matters.   Western Xia is the closest City-State (part of modern China).   Conquer it. Use your Keshiks to bombard, while horsemen engage in the melee attack and capture cities.  What appears around Karakorum after your conquest?
  1. Did you notice the Keshiks can move into range, fire, and them move back out?  This is critical to reducing the besieged cities defences before melee units attempting the actual capture.
  1. Move on to Chengdu and Xian (Wu Zetian’s cities in China).  Did you try to get allies against China? Did it work? Did you choose to Annex, Raize or Puppet the captured cities?  Did you link the cities with roads?
  1. With 75 turns to go  you should be well into the conquest of China (Wu Zetian).  STOP HERE, you’ve been playing for a while.   Go get some exercise.
  1. SAVE YOUR GAME, we will continue with this scenario in Part B

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