Wk3 Part C Polynesia; Geography is Destiny

Examine the maps in the Wikipedia Polynesia article first. Pay attention to the maps, they will help you during the play. Then play as specified and and take the quiz.

ELF 100 Wk3 Part C

About 1 Hr

For Wk3 Part C we are going to expand on the idea that  “Geography is Destiny” with a play as Polynesia.    Polynesia is not one of the historic river-valley civilizations, and its extreme start location illustrates how civilizations must adapt to their geography.   Academics call this ‘geographic determinism’ and it does seem likely that an island civilization will prioritize marine technologies.

Here is the Game Set-up:

From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Make sure “Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (v.22) is checked




Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (the picture in the right panel changes to an old-fashioned map)

Load Mod (this may take a moment)

On the Advanced Set-up Screen:

Click “1. Random Civilization” and change to Kamehameha – Polynesia

Set up 15  Random Civilizations.  

Set City-States to 25 (This is a much more crowded Earth than we have played before – will this matter for Polynesia)

Set Map Type to “Large Earth”

Set Difficulty Level to Chieftan

Set Game Pace to Quick

Set Game Era to Ancient Era

Set CS Placement to Only TSL

Ser CS Separation to Close

Set Resources to Standard

For Victory types, all should be checked

Leave Advanced Game Options at the default.

Check “Use true geographic resources placement”

Check “Simultaneous”

Double check your set-up and hit Start Game:

  1. Our objective in Wk3 Part C to play as Polynesia, and notice how different this experience is compared to the river-valleys civilizations we have played so far.    
  1. Build your first city immediately.  Where are you?


  1. For Production – Build another Warrior, Settler then Worker.   All your units can sail from the start, but with so little land available, you will need allot of cities (which means you need allot of settlers).   Use your sailing Warrior to begin exploring sites for your next city.  Work Boats and Lighthouses will enable you to capture the available food from the fish/sea tiles.
  1. Set your Citizen Management initially to  “Food Focus”  
  1. For Technology develop Sailing as this enables the Work Boat which improves the food yield from nearby fish/ocean tiles.  Optics is also useful for a civilization in the middle of the ocean.
  1. Hint: check out a map.   There are two significant land masses in the Pacific that are often unoccupied by other civilizations; Australia and New Zealand.    Historically, New Zealand was the home to the largest Polynesian population, and was one of the last large landmasses settled by humans.
  1. For Social Policy, focus on developing the “Liberty” Policy Tree as this improves Settler production.
  1. Play to 240 BC.  Write down the Key Performance Indicators for your civilization in ELF 100 Data Sheet

Save your game, you may want it later.

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