Wk2 Part C – Maximum Science!

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We are fishing up on science by focusing on a civilization that ONLY develops science. Watch the Crash Course (Mesopotamia) linked below. Play a maximum science game as specified in the Set-up and Play Wk2 Part C. Take the quiz.

ELF 100 Wk2 Part C

About 1 Hr

For Wk2 we are exploring the importance of Science, and the consequences of investing in the generation science and development of the tech tree.    In Part C, we will explore a what a civilization focused only on science and technology might look like.  We will then compare it to the maximum Agriculture civilization we played in Week 1 Part B.  You are getting to be a Civilization 5 expert at this point, so we will be setting goals more than the details of how to get there.  So you have more time to develop the game as you like, as long as science production remains the top priority.

Here is the Game Set-up:

From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Make sure “Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (v.22) is checked




Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (the picture in the right panel changes to an old-fashioned map)

Load Mod (this may take a moment)

On the Advanced Set-up Screen:

Click “1. Random Civilization” and change to Ashurbanipal – Assyria

Delete the other Random Civilizations until only 5 remain.  This speeds game play.

Set City-States to 20.  (this also speeds game play, but ensures some will be near)

Set Map Type to “Large Earth”

Set Difficulty Level to Chieftan

Set Game Pace to Quick

Set Game Era to Ancient Era

Set CS Placement to Only TSL

Ser CS Separation to Close

Set Resources to Standard

For Victory types, all should be checked

Under  Advanced Game Options Check :

“Use true geographic resources placement”


Double check your set-up and hit Start Game:

  1. Our objective in Part C is to maximize science production.   This accelerates our progress on the tech tree.
  1. You should begin next to a river Build your first city, Assur, immediately.  It will be the only city for this scenario.
  1. For Production – Build a worker.  Then build the Royal Library, and Great Library Wonder (if possible) then National College and University.  You are doing really well if you Build Oxford University.
  1. Click on open the city view.  In the upper right hit the “+” next to Citizen Management. Check “Science Focus”  (should already be checked)
  1. For Technology we want to get to Philosophy as soon as possible, because that enables the National College.   You can click directly on Philosophy, and the game will develop the precursor technologies on order.  After that develop “Education”   ELF hears that’s good for you.  You might run out of time before you get there.
  1. Explore with your warrior, but defend your worker against barbarians.  Your worker should build farms and mines around your city.
  1. For Social Policy, focus on developing the “Liberty” Policy Tree, and then “Tradition”
  1. Pay attention to the “Era” messages.  The “Era” corresponds to the technology tree, and is one way you can gauge your technical progress vs other civilizations.  
  1. If you get a Pantheon adopt “God King” or “Messenger of the Gods” or a another option that produces additional science.
  1. If you can choose a Great Person choose a Great Scientist, and build an Academy

Play to 240 AD, Turn 69.  Write down the Key Performance Indicators for your civilization in ELF 100 Data Sheet.     Compare your Science production in this game to the science production in your Maximum Agriculture game.   Different?

Save your game, you may want it later.

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