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ELF 100 Wk2 Part A

About 1 Hr


For Wk2  we are going to explore the importance of Science, and the consequences of investing in the generation science and development of the tech tree.  We are going to do this by playing three games of Civ 5.   In first game we  will invest heavily in technology, and use it militarily.   In the second game we will undertake a similar military objective, but without the technology advantage.    Finally, we will explore a what a civilization focused only on science and technology might look like.


Here is the Game Set-up:


From the Civ 5 Main Menu Click:



Make sure “Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (v.22) is checked




Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (the picture in the right panel changes to an old-fashioned map)

Load Mod (this may take a moment)


On the Advanced Set-up Screen:

Click “1. Random Civilization” and change to Ashurbanipal – Assyria

Delete the other Random Civilizations until only 1 other remains.  This speeds game play as we do not need any interaction with other civilizations in this set-up.

Set City-States to 40.  (this also speeds game play, but ensures some will be near)

Set Map Type to “Large Earth”

Set Difficulty Level to “Chieftan”

Set Game Pace to “Quick”

Set Game Era to “Ancient Era”

Set CS Placement to “Only TSL”

Ser CS Separation to “Close” – this ensures some city states should be near

Set Resources to “Standard”


For Victory types, all should be checked

Under  Advanced Game Options Check :

“Use true geographic resources placement”



Double check your set-up and hit Start Game:


  1. Our objective in Part A is to build 3 archers and a spearmen and attack the nearest city-state.


  1. You should begin next to a river (what river is it?)  Build your first city, Assur,  immediately.  It will be the only city for this scenario.
  1. For Production – Build a worker, then 4 archers and a spearmen


  1. Click on open the city view.  In the upper right hit the “+” next to Citizen Management. Check “Default Focus”  (should already be checked)


  1. For Technology Develop Archery then Bronze Working (which requires mining first)


  1. Explore with your warrior, we are looking for the closest city state.  Kabul (a city in modern Afghanistan) may be to the East.   Jerusalem (a city in modern Israel) may be to the south west.  A city in the mountains or hills is generally harder to attack.  Avoid ancient ruins, as you may inadvertently upgrade your warrior.


  1. For Social Policy, focus on developing the “Honor” Policy Tree. And Warrior Code.   This may give you a Great General.


  1. Move all your military units and your Great General (if you get one) and attack the nearest city state.


  1. Hints: Throughout history attackers have needed at least a 3x more untits than defendert to overcome the advantages in defence, especially in cities and rough terrain.   Did you bombard with your archers before attacking with your Spearman and Warrior?


  1. Did your attack succeed?   Do the other city states and civilizations love you?


Write down the Key Performance Indicators for your civilization in ELF 100 Data Sheet.   


Save your game, you may want it later.


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