Welcome to ELF 100-Civilization.  This page contains information about ELF 100-Civilization and outlines the structure of the course.  It also contains the content for the course and the first steps to getting started.

ELF 100-Civilization uses the game Civilization V as its main teaching tool.  Civilization V is a widely acclaimed turn-based strategy game in which players, starting from the agricultural revolution, must build cities, manage foreign relations, trade, explore, research and much more.  For more information, click here.


The structure of the course looks something like this:

  1. Players purchase and download the game
  2. Players complete the tutorials
  3. Players are through guided directed play that illustrates important concepts in Civilization, both the game and real life.
  4. Players go through larger scenarios, including the Fall of Rome and the Rise of the Mongols

The formula for any given session looks like this:

  1. Players progress through directed play
  2. Players watch a collateral video, usually from the Crash Course History series, to add historical context and tie what players have learned back to historical events.
  3. Players take a short, optional, 5 minute quiz that is designed to be fun and reinforce what they learned

First steps/prerequisites

1)  Install Steam and create a Steam account.  If you don't like Steam, then feel free to independently acquire Civilization V: The Complete Bundle

2) Buy and install Civilization V: The Complete Bundle

3) Subscribe to Gedemon's Earth Maps Pack

Need help?  Here are some useful links:
-Steam Website
-Civilization V Steam page (Login to Steam before buying)
-Map Pack