ELF 010 Session 6

About 1 hr

In Lesson 6 we will play as another devastating historical infectious disease; smallpox.  How devastating? Perhaps 90% of Native Americans died after exposure by Christopher Columbus. Even in the 1900s smallpox killed 300-500 million people globally.  Smallpox is one of the few diseases to be eradicated (completely contained by humans).

So let’s play as smallpox

Start the game




“Normal” Difficulty

Name Your Plague “Variola major” – the default for this scenario

At “Modify Genetic Code” select nothing.  If you are using the free version of the game, these options are locked.  

Start your Plague in China.

Immediately go to the Disease screen, and check the starting infectivity, severity and lethality. Smallpox is a severe disease, which means it will probably be detected early.

Look at the “Transmission” tab.   Smallpox starts with the special “Droplets 1” and can develop the “Fomites 1” object and surface transmission path.  

In the “Symptoms” tab notice there are allot of symptoms by default, and the “Pustules” symptom unique to Smallpox.

Finally, there are some important items in the “Abilities” tab.   In Real Life (IRL) there is a vaccine for Smallpox. In fact, the vaccine is how the disease was eradicated in the wild.  The game adds the “Vaccine Shield” ability rendering vaccines ineffective. Blackpox and White Pox are abilities rendering Smallpox more and less lethal.

Get the game going and invest “DNA Points” in Transmission.  Droplets 2 and 3 are a quick start. What happened? Did you get killed off early with a vaccination program?   

Play again, this time hold enough DNA Points that you can evolve “Vaccine Shield” once China starts their vaccination program.   Usually this is very early, just after detection.

Good luck.  It is very difficult to “win” as Smallpox even if you devolve the most severe symptoms at the start of the game and have the “Vaccine Shield” ready to counter vaccination programs. .

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