ELF 010 Session 5

About 1 hr

The word “Plague” literally means mass infection with the bacteria Yersinia Pestis, aka (also known as) The Black Death.   So we definitely need to play Plague inc as plague.

Start the game


“Scenarios”  (bottom left)  

Select “Black Death”

“Normal” Difficulty

Name Your Plague “Yersinia pestis” – the default name for this scenario

At “Modify Genetic Code” select nothing.

Hit “Start”

Start your Plague in China, probable origin of the first plague outbreak

Note the start date (in the upper right in DD/MM/YYYY format) is today

Check out the “Disease Screen” and the “Transmission” tab.  You will notice things have changed, and you start with only a flea-based transmission path.  The is one of the real transmission a paths for Yersinia. If you are feeling ambitious, look at the Wikipedia page for “plague,” and you will get some hints on what other transmission paths are possible (after investing some DNA points).  

Check out the “Symptoms” tab.  This has changed also reflecting something like the real symptoms of Black Death.

The “Abilities” tab has changed with the addition of option for the other forms of plague beyone the default bubonic variety.

Across the bottom, take a checkpoint on infectivity, severity and lethality.  This should give you hints on where to invest your early “DNA” points. With high lethality you can expect to get spotted early.

Try to “win’ without devolving symptoms.

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