ELF 010 Session 1

About 1 hr

You should have already downloaded and installed the Apple (IOS) or Android version of Plague on your phone or table.    Plague Evolved is available for the PC and Mac on the Steam game distribution platform, but these instructions will focus on the Apple/Android mobile version.  

In this play session we are just going to complete the tutorial, play an example game, and give the Manual a quick read (it is very tiny).

Game Set up:

Start the game.  

You do not need to create a “Google Play Game ID” or the Apple Equivalent

From the Main menu, choose:

“How to Play”



Play thru the tutorial, and the game you started with the tutorial to the end.

Return to the main Menu, choose:

“How to Play”



Give the manual a quick read, it should take less than 5 minutes.

That’s it.   You’ve spent about an hour.   Take a break.

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