ELF 010 Session 3

About 1 hr

In our 2nd play we will to  continue to compare different ‘strategies’ in Plague.   While pathogens (disease causing agents) do not have strategies (or brains) this play will explore the balance between infectivity and severity/lethality (ability so sicken and kill) that exists in real disease.

In Plague Inc, our objective is to wipe out humanity.  So in our second play, we will focus on infecting all of humanity first, and then adding lethal symptoms later.  We need to infect everyone if we are going to eliminate the human scourge, right? Keeping the symptoms minor will enable us to spread undetected… we hope.  Once we’ve spread everywhere, we will ramp up the symptoms and become lethal.

Start the game


“New Game”


“Normal” Difficulty

Name Your Plague “B Chi I” – short for Bacteria China Infective

At “Modify Genetic Code” select nothing.

Hit “Start”

Start your Plague in China.

Note the start date (in the upper right in DD/MM/YYYY format) is today

Below see “Evolve these” in the right column to guide what to Evolve when, and then the “Milestones” to see how you are doing compared to a typical game.  Pay attention to the devolution row!  Devolution lets you undo an acquired transmission, symptom or ability.   If you can remember, pause play every 6 months to see how you are doing.  You are playing Max Infectivity Play, and the data from the Max Severity Play is there for comparison.

Max Severity Play Max Infectivity Play
Start Country China China
Evolve these: Focus on Symptoms:

(roughly this order -from the outside of the “Symptoms” chart toward the center)

Coughing, Sneezing, Rash, Anaemia, Nausea, Pulmonary Oedema, Immune Suppression, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Insomnia, Paranoia, Haemophillia, Tumors, Total Organ Failure, Seizures

As cure approaches 100% Drug Resistance 1, Genetic Hardening 1, Genetic ReShuffle 1, Genetic ReShuffle 2

Focus on Transmission: (roughly this order)

Air1, Air 2, Water 1, Water 2,, Extreme BioAerosol, then “Abilities” Drug Resistance 1, Drug Resistance 2, Heat Resistance 1, Heat Resistance 2,  Cold Resistance 1, Cold Resistance 2

Wait for 100% infection and accumulate DNA Points.

At 100% human infection use your stored “DNA Points” to evolve the lethal symptoms like Total Organ Failure.

As cure approaches 100%

Genetic Hardening 1, Genetic ReShuffle 1

Devolution of Symptoms Never – free symtoms are great! Devolve all spontaneous symptoms – until everyone on Earth is infected, then keep them.
Milestones you will Probably Observe
First Disease Detection 6 months 15 month
First Cure Attempt 7 months 15 months
First Borders Shut 7 months 24 months
“Global Research Focused on Cure” 15 months 25 months
Paus  Play every 6 months  and see how you are doing
6 months after start 10 % of population infected, significant number of deaths

Disease has been detected

Disease Graph shows Severity and Infectivity increasing  

15% population infected, no deaths

Disease is undetected

Disease Graph shows Infectivity increasing, Severity flat

12 months months after start 50% infected, 50% healthy

Cure Started

Disease Graph shows high infectivity and severity

About 65%-75% population infected, no deaths,

Disease is undetected

Disease Graph shows infectivity increasing, severity flat

18 months 80% infected or dead, 20% healthy,

Several countries uninfected

Global research focused on a cure

Air and ship traffic greatly reduced.  

Disease Graph shows severity higher than infectivity

80% population infected, no dead

All countries infected

Several countries researching cure

Lots of air and ship traffic

Disease Graph shows Infectivity much higher than severity

24 months 90% infected or dead

Several countries uninfected

No Air or Ship traffic except blue cure planes?

100% infected

All countries infected

Game End 1000 days 850 days
Score 62 7000
Result Loose – infected are all dead, but not everyone was infected Win


If you are really feeling motivated, make notes of your actuals results so you can compare them to other games later.


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