Welcome to ELF-010, Disease.  In ELF-010, Disease, we will use Plague, Inc, which is a mobile app with less content than a full computer game.  That means that this course will also be shorter, only 6 one hour sessions hour.  Plague Inc. is still a great game, in which you control a pathogen that you spread across the world, and bring humanity to its knees.  This page contains information about ELF 100-Space and outlines the structure of the course.  The prerequisites and actual course content are available for anyone who wants to play below.

The structure of the course looks something like this:

  • Players get the game
  • Players learn how to play
  • Players go through directed play that illustrates real-life principles in epidemiology

The formula for any given day looks like this;

  • Players go through the directed play
  • They watch a collateral video to add historical context and tie what players learned back to reality
  • Players take a short, 5-minute quiz that is  designed to be fun and reinforce what students learned

First steps/prerequisites;

  • Install Plague Inc
  • Have a second device so you do not have to constantly flip between ELF and Plague Inc(optional)