Cities: Skylines in the classroom

Cities: Skylines, a city building game akin to SimCity, is being used in the classroom to teach topics such as engineering, government, and budgeting.  Cities: Skylines simulates many of the core aspects of living in a modern society and demonstrates how complex our utilities are, and how just one mistake can put the entire system into disorder.  Water, electricity, waste disposal, transportation, pollution, crime, and firefighting must all be provided.  But the true beauty of Cities: Skylines is that there is never any right solutions, nor any perfect ones, only a range from functioning to not.  As a players city grows, they must innovate, because the systems that worked for a quiet hamlet don’t work in bustling town.  Skylines is a great game, and a great tool because it forces players to learn, adapt, and improvise solutions to real world problems.