Learn about realistic space flight with ELF-110 Space

Learn about civilization(and geography, politics, trade and technology) with ELF-100 Civilization

Epidemiology with ELF-10 Disease

Be a democratic leader in ELF-120, Democracy

What is ELF Enrichment?

ELF Enrichment was built on the idea that learning can be fun.  At ELF Enrichment, we take popular video games that already contain educational content, add directed play (in which a player is guided through a game in a way that illustrates educational concepts), collateral materials (mainly short videos), and a little assessment to make learning what it should be: fun and engaging!

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Free Courses!

Gandhi likes free!

The course content here on ELF Enrichment.net is totally free.  The only requirement is to purchase the underlying game, which you can play independently and continue to use after you finish the ELF course.  The price range of these games tends to be 25-40 dollars and can provide hundreds of hours of time learning.


ELF 110-Space

Explore what space is really like in ELF 110-Space.  Manage a space program, research, build, and fly rockets with Kerbal's realistic orbital mechanics.

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ELF 100-Civilization

Lead your mighty civilization from the agricultural revolution right up to the digital age.  Will you stand the test of time?

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ELF 120, Democracy

Enter the world of politics with ELF-120, Democracy.  Pass laws, secure votes, keep ministers loyal and run your country

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ELF 010-Disease

Infect the world with this exciting mobile app.  Play as a bacteria, virus, fungus and much more.

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